Flashing the right way

Do you forget to turn off your turn signal after having completed a turn? I do. Even worse, my friends do too and that annoys the hell out of me.

As some of you might have noticed, and the rest of you ignored, I am among many things a journalist and as such, I do believe in transparency. A while back, while the blog was still dormant, I was approached by a company making a universal automatic turn signal solution. They provided some information about this and asked if I was interested to write about it. Being partly guilty of sometimes failing to signal and sometimes failing to turn it off, I have decided to indeed write a post about it. There is, to the despair of but a poor journalist, no money involved in my decision to write about this and I haven’t been offered any money either. Transparency rant over.

I usually ride with a group of people communicating through the Scala Rider which means that failing to turn off the signal will result either in a friendly pointer or a flurry of insults depending on the current mood of the group. But I do appreciate it because riding behind someone who’s consistently flashing right, not knowing if the rider intends to turn, stop or just is an asshat is rather annoying.

The SmartTurn system promises to solve that problem by connecting sensors with a microprocessor, evaluating what you’re doing by processing 300 different sensor data a second. This means it will detect when you are done turning, changing lanes or whatever you are doing. I haven’t tested the system so I can’t really tell if it works or not, but in theory it sounds like just what I, or more specifically, some of my friends would need.

The system is supposedly easy to install, but having done a lot of electrical work on my bikes, I know that easy sometimes mean really difficult. I might get a unit sent to me for installment and trial and then I’ll post a “how to” on the subject of fitting the system as well as a no bullshit in-depth review, but once again I would like to stress that there are no financial gains to be made from this but I see it as a service to you readers. For now, you can find more information at www.safer-turn.com.

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