First look: Smart Turn System

Okay, I’m a bit behind on my motorcycle fixing due to some time consuming stuff like life, work, winter and whatnot, but I finally found some time to go through the Smart Turn System and these are my first impressions…

The box contains some connectors, zip ties, some foam pieces, the unit itself and a manual. Not very much but then again, this is not supposed to be the brain for a self-driving  motorcycle.

Let’s start with the unit itself. It’s simple but robust feeling unit with nothing exposed which is good since nothing should be able to penetrate the protective cover. In the manual it is stated that the protruding cable is about 20 inches or 50 centimeters, but I measured it to around 42 centimeters. We will see later on if this will become an issue or not.

The connectors are not much to talk about, nor the zip ties. The foam pieces are supposed to go inside the controls to push the lever back so that it doesn’t get stuck at the end position. The reason for this ought to be so that the rider can only initiate flashing but the electronics inside the unit will take care turning it off, hence no need to keep the lever in the connected state.

The manual do cover the installation but the small format (10x15cm) makes it hard to see the pictures properly and it could be more thorough when describing the installation. Once again, this isn’t brain surgery but it still requires modification to the wiring which many people find scary and having a few more and bigger pages for readability wouldn’t hurt. But for my needs I think it will be enough. After all, I’ve done plenty of electrical work on my bikes.

First impressions then. I wasn’t aware that it would require the opening and connecting to the controls but now that I think about it, it makes total sense. For me, having cramped up all the wiring inside the frame when removing the actual part of the frame where the original wiring was supposed to be , this will be a challenge to fit for sure. The actual unit I will just tie to the frame somewhere according to the specifics of how and in what way it has to be done.

The unit itself is more robust and discreet than I thought albeit a little bit bigger, but the build quality seems solid as do the manual. Not to be biased but having bought a lot of parts on eBay from China, I am pleased to see that the manual lacks all those language errors that usually complicates installation of electrical stuff. It could have been a tad more explanatory but hey, it’s well-written so I won’t complain just yet.

Within the next few weeks I’ll try to install it and see how it behaves. So stay tuned.