Smart turn system, installment – part one

I promised you an installment guide of sorts to the Smart turn system, the automatic turn signal system aiding you in your riding by turning the signal off when you forget to do it manually. This is part one: the lever modification.

First: I am doing this installment on a CBR 600 F2 from 1992. This means I have a mechanical switch to turn on and off the turn signals. Why is this important? Because it has to do with the modifications to be done. On my bike, a plastic lever shifts within the control and locks when you pull the turn signal control lever to any side, only to be reset when you push the lever in. To be able to function properly, the Smart turn system can’t have that plastic switch lever locking into place.

The creators behind the Smart turn system came up with a brilliant and equally simple idea: rubber plugs inserted into cavities on either side of the turn signal lever which physically stops the plastic lever locking into place.

There are two different sets of rubber cylinders included, larger and smaller ones. I used the smaller ones. Opening the controls and inserting the rubber is really easy and you can’t really fail that one. This solution makes it possible to bring the bike back to its original state in a minute or two.

Now the next step seems somewhat trickier. The unit itself is supposed to be connected between the turn signal controls and the flasher relay if I’m not mistaken but I just might be so before I do that, I’ll verify this…