Chain of events

Ever noticed how one thing leads to another when it comes to mechanical work? What was supposed to be a simple repair ends up being a full-scale restoration. This is the current status of my CBR600…Last week I put the front brake back in place. It’s not completely done as I have to do all the fluid work before I can test the function but at least the brake is in place. That being done, I decided to continue the installation of the Smart Turn Signal-system.

First I removed the gas tank which I’ve done like a million times before. Only difference is that the fuel line decided it wasn’t time to let go of the tank. After having wrestled with the thing for a while, it came off. Airbox came right after.

Then I took back the battery from another bike where it has been the last couple of weeks. With power restored I turned the key and to my surprise everything lit up just the way it should. One exception: front left turn signal. I traced the cables and disconnected them from system to see if it was the bulb itself or some bad connection somewhere. The bulb was shot which meant removing it from the headlight where it is used to secure the headlight to the mount.

I still decided to at least mount the Smart Turn Signal-unit to the frame but finding a good spot on a CBR600 from 1992 turned out to be harder than expected. It has to be fairly horizontal with one side marked with a sticker pointing up and facing a certain direction. With the wide diagonally angled frame of the bike, it was hard to find such a spot. I tried many various locations, but some were hard to secure, others were too far away due to the fact that the cable from the unit is set to around 20 inches. In the end I found a spot where it should work fairly well.

The rubbery things I previously installed into the mechanical latching of the switch work as they should. Now the switch doesn’t stay on but switches off right away. A simple physical solution I appreciate.

Next is replacing the light bulb and connecting the unit to the harness. It might be a bit more difficult for me because I have done so many modifications while installing new speedometer, lights and everything, but I’m not worried about the installment procedure in itself.

I will also try to synchronize the carbs when everything is off. Putting all that wiring inside the frame does restrict the airflow a bit so I guess it’s time to do it. On the other hand, if I lose a couple of hp it doesn’t matter too much either.