New AI in the bike

I finally did it. Installed the smart turn signal system that is. I wouldn’t say it was hard but you do have to know a bit about electrical work…

I know it’s taken me forever to get through this but it has to do with work, life and the fact that cutting wires in the harness I spent so much time constructing while replacing the stock gauges didn’t seem like a good idea.

But I did it and it seems to work just fine. Three wires to be cut and two to be spliced, that was it. The calibration sequence seems to work and the only real problem I had was clamping the connectors hard enough to secure them to the thin wires.

Now I still have to test it in real life which requires the brake to be refilled but that will come eventually. The turn signals work manually in case I need them, although they don’t lock anymore.

So far I would say that installation was smooth, especially with the new instructions and video available on YouTube. Great work, company!