New season, new bike

Wow, the blog has been dormant for a few months but as the spring returns, so do Motoguerreros. And what better way to set this biking season off than with a new bike…?

A few weeks back, I went to test ride a new bike that one of my fellow riders had had his eyes on for some time, the Ka

wasaki Vulcan S. Now, I’ve never ever ridden a custom bike before but I do believe it was love at first sight. The bike was incredibly comfortable and yet nimble despite it being heavier than some of my other bikes have been.

So I decided to get one. A brand new one to be exact. Another new thing for me is owning a brand new bike. All my other bikes have been used and in various states of degradation. Okay, my Honda Hornet 900 was in excellent condition but I decided that once in my life I would treat myself to a new ride. Besides, the Vulcan S isn’t that expensive compared to many other bikes.

I decided to sell my Hornet which took me about a week but in the end I got a fair bid on it and sold it to a guy who apparently felt the same way about the bike as I had done. With the money burning a hole in my pocket I booked a Vulcan S -18 as did my fellow rider.

This Friday I went to pick up my new ride and man, was it sweet or what? When having been riding upright bikes (street fighters, enduros, street bikes and so on) almost exclusively, it take a little while to get used to the different foot position, but once you get a hang of it, it is actually more comfortable than you would imagine.

The Vulcan S offers the possibility of adjusting the length of the pedals which means that it caters to almost all kinds of bike riders. I have so far only had it on the standard factory setting which works out just fine.

The ride home was as sweet as any a ride I have done. The bike handled like a dream and despite having only 61 bhp compared to the 110 of the Honda Hornet for example, it feels strong enough to handle my pretty mellow way of riding.

The main difference as far as I could tell during the short, too short, ride home was the reactions around you. Riding street bikes often conveys a certain “Young and reckless”-vibe while the Vulcan S is a more mature and – despite being a Japanese bike – a streak of danger to your look.

Now the weather has decided to be as boring as April in Sweden often is so I guess I have to wait a few days before I get the chance to  test it more properly, but stay tuned for more updates, first impressions and tests of it soon.