New project – Honda Reborn

Okay, maybe the headline was a bit off. This is not really a new project but due to the major changes coming up of the Beast, I’ve decided that is more of a Beast 3.0 than just an upgrade. This time a new brain is being given to the brawn. 

Despite having cleaned the carbs of the old CBR 600 I still have trouble making her run properly. I don’t believe it’s really related to the carburetors anymore but rather some electrical glitch. This wouldn’t come as a surprise, having done pretty much everything to the wire harness when installing new gauges, new controls, new headlight, brake lights, turn signals and whatnot.

Now bear in mind that I am pretty good at connecting and soldering but I think some connector must have been pulled loose when fiddling with the airbox. Why is that, you might ask. Well, after having installed so much, including the Smart turn signal system, I have a ton of wires which pretty much cramp up all the space within the frame. The old CBR 600 F2 was designed to have all the wiring on the outside but the only thing I have there now is the fuse box which to be fair is just duct taped to the side.

Instead of investing in a new project bike I decided to take a path of both the known and the unknown. After having disassembled this bike, I know every nut and bolt so why not just upgrade it? I’ve been thinking of investing in a Motogadget M.Unit Blue for a while, mainly to get rid of the fuse box while at the same time reduce the mess and get the cables clogging the airways out of the way. So I bought one from Scrambleride and got a fair deal and really fast delivery. I also bought the M.Button from another company in Sweden to further reduce the amount of wires necessary, but I won’t name that company just yet because so far they haven’t exactly impressed with communications skills nor handling speed…

The M.Unit Blue came pretty clean out of the box. A few cables to connect it to the battery and ground, mounting bolts, a manual in German and… that was it. On the other hand, Revival Cycles has made several extensive videos covering the M.Unit Blue, just like this one, so I don’t think more information will be necessary.

Anyways, with these new electrical units I hope to create a street fighter that is everything I dreamed of. A fusion of raw mechanical power combined with the modern technology and connectivity of today would make a fun and agile bike, perfect for racing the streets. Sure, I have to do something about her crude looks as well, but I’m thinking of just getting done with that seat making I’ve been planning to do forever, and maybe line the tank with some spare leather just to give it a more steam punk look. Time will tell, I guess, but join me for the installation and upgrading of the electrical system and we will see Beast 3.0 come to life just in time to roam the city in the sun light…