M.button, M.unit, M.showtime

Well, that was fast. The M.button came in the mail today, faster than I expected. Props to the good people at Jemparts.se for the fast delivery although I must say that their customer service and communication skills leave much to be desired. Anyways, I can now proceed with the Great Wiring…

So what the M.button does is that it connects all the wiring around the front of the bike, like turn signals, lights and such to this tiny little button which easily fits into the handlebar. From there you only have to connect one, ONE, digitally processed wire to the M.Unit blue. Of course you have to connect some other stuff, ignition and the solenoid and so on but still, instead of having a multitude of wires connecting the front to the unit you will only have one.

As you can see on the photo (non-alcoholic beer cap for reference) it really is tiny. So are the wires. Maybe a little too tiny but hey, this isn’t really the time to be a size queen. Now all I have to do is figure out a way how all this is supposed to be wired which would have been easy enough with the help of my Haynes manual had it been stock. But as I have replaced everything and installed new functions, and, being the hind sight wise ass I am, completely ignored to use exact colors of the wires nor have I marked the cables, this will be a few days of trial and error.

I also took started to plan how to proceed with the new custom seat that I’m making from a discarded skateboard, some sheet metal, a few angle irons, a piece of wrestling mat, a few layers of hard padding, a few layers more of soft padding and fake leather. It won’t be the prettiest seat out there, but it will be mine and that counts for more than this being a bought-not-built-bike.