The dream bike

IMG_0248I got my first bike a few days after having passed the test back in 2012.  A CBR 600 F2 from 1992 with red and white fairings, red rims and a kind of classic look. In hind sight the potent sport bike that ruled the races in the early nineties might not have been the best choice. After all, I – a complete beginner – was just going to ride her on the streets of Stockholm. But I knew what I wanted. It was a young man’s dream, having read about the CBR in magazines. I especially remember the paragraphs praising the formidable brakes. Funny when you think about it, because the brakes have been my greatest concern since I bought her. Anyways, it did not matter that I’ve never been to fond of speed, that I don’t particularly like wearing  race suits and that I would never push her to the limits. It was the feeling of having that kind of power, the looks I would be getting. Fortsätt läsa The dream bike

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