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KTM 690 Enduro -08: First look

IMG_5526-1Yesterday afternoon I got the chance to try out my KTM 690 Enduro for real. I have ridden it a few times, but only in the city for short periods of time. Although by the time I was done with some unexpected chores the beautiful weather was replaced with dark clouds and temperatures around 8-10 degrees Celsius (resulting in me having a man cold from hell today), I still managed to get 150 kilometers out of her and these are my impressions… Fortsätt läsa KTM 690 Enduro -08: First look

Current state

10982242_10152848864050922_49578096380519154_n“This wiring stuff is pretty easy. I sure know what I’m doing.” Well, that one came right back to bite me in the ass. After having replaced my broken rear turn signal on the KTM yesterday (and the other one for a coherent look), I believed that I was the master of voltage, current and resistance. Not true… Fortsätt läsa Current state

Wolfpack riding

IMG5217If riding two is fun, then riding three is even better. A beautiful, but cold, day is not to be wasted so it was time to go enduro riding in the urban jungle. The Nite Ryderz did some exploration today and went to some previously unridden roads in the city. Great fun and it is always nice to get to know your city a little bit better.  Fortsätt läsa Wolfpack riding

The choice

IMG_0248Once again I’ve found myself in the purgatory called “which kind of bike do I really want”. The last few weeks my mind has been set on a bobber project, something with a badass attitude and the muscles and sound to match it. The outlaw feeling within the law, the raw and naked power that sends chills down the spines of men and and light fires in the souls of women. I have dreamt of being the embodiment of freedom and individuality although I almost in every other regard tend to like conformity and team spirit. But now I am not so sure anymore… Fortsätt läsa The choice