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Moving in slow motion

plateandtailMaybe it’s the time of the year, maybe it’s the mess with the KTM 690 and the poor support given by the dealer, but I’m not really in my regular bike mode and haven’t been for a while. It kind of pains me to think of the KTM 690 Enduro and missed adventures. On the other hand, I still feel proud of my Honda accomplishments and more things are about to come… Fortsätt läsa Moving in slow motion

No rest for the wicked

Why can't everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?
Why can’t everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?

With the CBR in decent shape, I’ll keep her on hold for a while and attack my second project: The KTM 690 Enduro -08. As you might remember, she’s been running poorly with flashing error codes indicating either a manifold pressure problem, a throttle position sensor problem or lambda sensor problem. I however suspect it’s the wire harness that keeps bugging me…

Fortsätt läsa No rest for the wicked

Ain’ters gonna ain’t

11899805_10153129675795922_6028269977882049271_nI’ve decided to let go of the some of the negative energy stockpiled by all the problems with the KTM 690 enduro. Sure, there are some thing I still find really lame, especially the crappy ass answer given by the dealer today, more than two weeks after my initial contact, but I need to focus on positive things instead. Life is better that way… Fortsätt läsa Ain’ters gonna ain’t

Gimme a break, KTM

Photo by Lars Janson. A beautiful sunset, a depressed guy walking his KTM 690 enduro home, cursing the Austrian brand and their inability to show great customer relations skills.
Photo by: Lars Janson

Never take anything for granted. What seems to be in order might actually be a disaster. Like the KTM. I thought I had fixed the problem with the poor running and flashing error codes but no, I just fixed some other problems but not the main one. In the end, I had to push my bike home. Luckily, I learned my lesson a while back and had chosen to stay in the vicinity of the man cave for my first test ride…  Fortsätt läsa Gimme a break, KTM

How one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and my summer too

This is when I bought the bike.

With more than 180 posts, I think you loyal readers know a bit about me by now. A vast majority of these posts has been rather positive, even when things haven’t gone my way. This is going to be the opposite. Let me tell you the story about how one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and at the same time wasted my summer… Fortsätt läsa How one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and my summer too

Another one bites the dust

11218171_10153097742480922_9170458883943586312_nI seem to have magical hands because everything I touch break and die. Now it is the KTM who has started to act strangely. So strangely that I felt I had to get my hands into her guts and see what’s causing it. She runs smoothly for ten minutes, an hour, whatever but all of sudden she sounds like a machine gun, runs really strange and sometimes dies. Some things point it out to be a glitchy connector or a lambda sensor about to go, other things point me in the direction of me having the worst luck in the world… Fortsätt läsa Another one bites the dust

Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

11049601_10153079774960922_6565967703774242420_nAfter months of planning, failing to execute and planning again, we did it. We packed our gear and headed out into the unknown. And it was the kind of journey that fills the void in your soul caused by the mundane way of life for a mindless drone…  Fortsätt läsa Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

Offroad adventures, the teaser…

11752473_10153078548540922_6177955093866792337_nI am dead tired. Who would have known that living the vagabond lifestyle would be this exhausting? Exhausting but at the same time exhilarating. A long post will deal with everything tomorrow when I’m rested but as a teaser I can tell you it involves police, the best hamburger ever, improvised wrenching, assholes, perfect roads, navigators and Nite Ryderz…

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