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TomTom Bandit and the working instrument display

vlcsnap-2015-06-27-10h26m14s179I just felt I had to bring some proof to the table. Proof that I actually got a working display now. And since I began my testing of the TomTom Bandit action camera, why not combine the two? So far I have only managed to test the camera in low light conditions, like really low light, and on two different settings: 720p/120 fps and 1080p/30 fps.

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Bad timing

IMG_5599Trying to figure out what’s wrong with a motorcycle is a humbling experience, and there is only one way to beat the system: By following instructions in a methodical manner without any subjective thoughts or preconceived beliefs of right and wrong. Once again I fell from glory because once again I took something for granted. It was my own confidence that brought me down. I now know what the problem with the CBR 600 is: it’s me! Let me explain… Fortsätt läsa Bad timing

The green face of envy

11218996_10152953938145922_7610122481535271631_nHaving spoken to a motorcycle mechanic about doing the 10 000 kilometer service on my KTM 690, I am once again reminded of the fact that although motorcycles are for everyone, it helps to have a shitload of money. 600 dollars to change fluids and filter, something I usually do myself, hurts both my wallet and my pride. I just want to ride careless and free. Is that too much to ask for? Fortsätt läsa The green face of envy


IMG5564Sometimes I manage to impress myself with my own stupidity. Like how I for example must have forgotten to turn off the heated grips after the last run. That almost ruined yesterday’s run. The battery was completely empty which at first scared me because the complete silence of a bike can mean a lot of things, but having figured out where the problem originated I was relieved. A dead battery is just a dead battery, right? Fortsätt läsa Discharged

Neutral no more

13283_10152914453190922_727371732043068279_nI complained about the bike only starting in neutral even with the clutch lever pulled in before. Not only does this pose a problem when the badly mapped engine stalls in the middle of a turn or at a crossroads, more importantly it makes me look like a fool, balancing the bike while trying to find neutral and desperately pushing the button.  Well, that problem is about to be solved… Fortsätt läsa Neutral no more

KTM 690 Enduro -08: First look

IMG_5526-1Yesterday afternoon I got the chance to try out my KTM 690 Enduro for real. I have ridden it a few times, but only in the city for short periods of time. Although by the time I was done with some unexpected chores the beautiful weather was replaced with dark clouds and temperatures around 8-10 degrees Celsius (resulting in me having a man cold from hell today), I still managed to get 150 kilometers out of her and these are my impressions… Fortsätt läsa KTM 690 Enduro -08: First look

Days of thunder

19784_10152901547405922_6562901408833575357_nWhat a day! I am completely exhausted from all wrenching and riding. Not that I did any wrenching on my own bike. No, I helped a friend putting bicycle together and another friend with a grounding issue regarding the temperature sensor of his KTM 690. The first model (2008) have quite a few design flaws, but the combined forces of the Internet have fought to overcome them. As far as my own bike go, my speedometer is really hard to read at times, so either I open it up and try to fix it (note to self: remember the engine of the CBR…?!) or install for example a TrailTech or something similar. Time will tell. As for now, I just want to ride.  Fortsätt läsa Days of thunder

First look: Continental TKC 80

11223812_10152899536315922_2904450649826365225_nToday I got a new set of rubber for the orange and black baby while waiting for better weather. In fact, this was one of the fastest deliveries I’ve ever received considering I ordered them Monday morning online from Germany and got them today. Thumbs up, Anyways, these are my first impressions (remember, they aren’t mounted yet).  Fortsätt läsa First look: Continental TKC 80

The road warrior reborn

18511_10152892938275922_5043186639239348643_nThe blog has been a bit left behind the last week and for that I’m sorry but I can assure you that it is far from dead. No, my friends, it is very much alive and ’tis the season where heroes are reborn and adventures are lived. Let me introduce you to my newest companion on the road to stardom, success and, most importantly, a summer of endless riding: The KTM 690 Enduro! Fortsätt läsa The road warrior reborn

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