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Carb therapy

carbFor various reasons, mostly concerning work, career, future and introspection regarding these things, I had to go wrenching on the Honda today. Of course I want it to be finished before the summer ends but at the moment, with a functioning KTM 690 Enduro, wrenching on the CBR fulfills severals needs and sometimes its therapeutic value exceeds the riding value. When wrenching I can enter a stage of being in the moment, hence no worries about where I’m heading in life… Fortsätt läsa Carb therapy

One more on the list

11392967_10152986377220922_191101911469745713_nIt’s important to listen to your body. But sometimes you have to tell it to shut up and do what’s best for your soul. And, as everyone who’s ever tried it knows, nothing is better for your soul than riding. Why do you even say that you ride a bike? You “soul a bike”. Yes, I now declare a new verb to have been created in honor of motorcycles everywhere. Fortsätt läsa One more on the list

Steady as she goes

IMG_5620From having lived and breathed wrenching to no avail during the winter, I’ve decided to approach it somewhat differently: shorter but more productive sessions. The last evenings have been like that. Short enough to be focused all the way, and still giving me time to do that other stuff some people call life. Today I adjusted the timing, at least I think I did… Fortsätt läsa Steady as she goes

Ride or die

13353_10152968507585922_3523615663213656671_nSomedays you just have to ride. You feel it in your bones, like a primal scream wanting to be let out. It might be a general uneasiness, a thing at work, a relationship issue or financial troubles. Whatever it is, you just know that the only cure is an awesome ride. Today wasn’t really one of those days for me, but when you’re in a club and someone needs to ride, you ride!  Fortsätt läsa Ride or die

Taking the right turn

10394775_10152966104740922_1407455755062982953_nAs some of you remember, I had the MOT inspection two days after having brought the KTM 690 Enduro home. The night before I struggled with getting all the required lights (turn signals, plate light and so on) and managed to break the rear right turn signal. So I failed the inspection but without any requirement to go back to reinspect the bike after having corrected that problem. Well, I’ve been slacking off on that “correcting the problem”-part but today I finally got around to do it. Fortsätt läsa Taking the right turn