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Got my mojo back

IMG6247A month and a half… in the digital world that’s like forever. But there are reasons for this. Like the fact that WordPress seems to be a magnet for botnets trying to pick your site apart, or spammers flooding every good thing you try to do with their shit. Then there are personals reasons, like winter, work and preparation for other important aspects of life. But ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Motoguerrero is back! Fortsätt läsa Got my mojo back

Man with a mission

11822812_10153100439530922_3720793910308310134_nNobody wants to quit a race the last hundred yards, especially not me. Yesterday I didn’t get much done in the man cave due to some unexpected turn of events (the Nite Ryderz wanted to go for a cup of coffee instead), so today my goal was clear: To finish the Honda. Did I succeed in that mission? Well, both yes and no… Fortsätt läsa Man with a mission

Wiring success

11152348_10152851046535922_965905629682440053_nAt last! The wiring harness from hell has been transformed into a fully functional wiring complete with an Acewell speedometer and all. After many hours and then some, I finally managed to connect everything in a way that seems to work. I won’t know until the bike is up and running so I can see the speedometer and tachometer in action. But hey, for now I have clock power, everything lights up when I turn the key, the signals for oil pressure, neutral, turn signals and high beams work. It wasn’t easy though… Fortsätt läsa Wiring success

Current state

10982242_10152848864050922_49578096380519154_n“This wiring stuff is pretty easy. I sure know what I’m doing.” Well, that one came right back to bite me in the ass. After having replaced my broken rear turn signal on the KTM yesterday (and the other one for a coherent look), I believed that I was the master of voltage, current and resistance. Not true… Fortsätt läsa Current state

Jack of all trades

11160576_10152838468560922_7104451451233098035_nBeing interested in motorcycle to the point where you actually wrench and do stuff to your bike, other than just changing oil and riding around town looking cool (which is fine too), requires you to become somewhat of a Jack of all trades. Besides a basic understanding of mechanics, you have to know about wrenching, tools, preferably welding and metal fabrication, and, there is no escaping this, electrical work and soldering… Fortsätt läsa Jack of all trades

Easter wrenching

IMG_5331While others were celebrating Easter in whatever way, I managed to log another fifteen hours on the bike. Pretty damn good if I may say so myself. Of course a couple of those hours could have been spared, had the powder coaters been better at masking holes and if I had decided not to paint anything but hey, everything is zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, right? Fortsätt läsa Easter wrenching

Acewell 2853

IMG4605A project bike will almost always be a work in progress. At least if that project is my first bike, my beloved streetfighter. One of the few things I’m not too happy about is the cheap eBay-speedo I got mounted. It came without mounts and although it works, it doesn’t really present the truth when it comes to speed and with no possibility of adjusting the settings I had to do something. So I just got the latest addition in the mail: an Acewell 2853 speedo/tachometer with integrated LEDs. Fortsätt läsa Acewell 2853

Monday blues

IMG_2148Contrasts are great. They make things stick out, they put an edge to our lives by defining it against other things. Without contrasts life would be a pretty dull business. But if there is one contrast I really, really hate it’s the one going from a weekend of riding to sitting in front of my computer at work on a Monday morning. Nothing can put me down faster or awake that fight-or-flight-reaction as  living this ordinary life of nothingness.

Fortsätt läsa Monday blues

No limit

10730810_10152461846425922_1438165477758357529_nEveryone knows that buying an old bike and doing all the work yourself is a trap. Sure, you get it cheap and save a lot of money on simple stuff like service and such but unless you’re really good at hardware, you’re in for a treat. For example, let’s say that you have some electrical issues to sort out. A professional might solve that in a few hours while you put 40 hours or more looking at the bike, testing, reading on different sites. That’s a lot of hours… On the other hand, those hours are, at least to me, a way of relaxing and give me far more pleasure than working my day job the same amount of time.  Fortsätt läsa No limit