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Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

11049601_10153079774960922_6565967703774242420_nAfter months of planning, failing to execute and planning again, we did it. We packed our gear and headed out into the unknown. And it was the kind of journey that fills the void in your soul caused by the mundane way of life for a mindless drone…  Fortsätt läsa Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

Offroad adventures, the teaser…

11752473_10153078548540922_6177955093866792337_nI am dead tired. Who would have known that living the vagabond lifestyle would be this exhausting? Exhausting but at the same time exhilarating. A long post will deal with everything tomorrow when I’m rested but as a teaser I can tell you it involves police, the best hamburger ever, improvised wrenching, assholes, perfect roads, navigators and Nite Ryderz…

AFK – adventure awaits

AdventureIt’s time for my first overnight offroad motorcycle adventure. We’re talking sleeping bag, tent, fire starting tools, the whole lot. Now this only for the night so it’s more of a trial-and-error-tour to see how to pack and what to bring. I already know more or less what to bring since I’ve spent more than a few nights in the woods but I haven’t brought my stuff on a bike before… Fortsätt läsa AFK – adventure awaits

And she’s done!

11750620_10153074551565922_5241922655967020140_nIf the devil is in the details, then everything I do must appeal to the other guy because I am really thorough when it comes to details. Like for example soldering the wires to the crimps because I don’t trust them enough. That’s what I did today when I installed the electrical section of the TomTom RIDER 400 bar mount… Fortsätt läsa And she’s done!

Adventurizing the KTM 690

Old pic just for ambience.

Is that even a word, adventurizing? Never mind, I like it anyways. To me it signifies the action of making your bike ready for great adventures and that’s what I’ve been doing. I was supposed to clean the carbs of the CBR but then I felt like doing something else instead. Like adventurizing a bike intended for such a purpose but currently not living up to its potential…

Fortsätt läsa Adventurizing the KTM 690

Vacation work

11694768_10153068740940922_3903584028508944131_nDo you remember the old Honda CBR that I rebuilt during the cold winter months? No? No surprise, I hardly remember her myself, having neglected her for so long with the exception of a few feeble attempts at getting her to run again. It’s time to make a real effort though. I recently got a 34 part set of all o-rings needed for sealing the carbs properly so hopefully I’ll have those leaking carbs fixed in no time.  Fortsätt läsa Vacation work

Sneak peak: TomTom RIDER 400

IMG5813The things I do for you, readers all over the world. The kind people at TomTom Sweden, and the even kinder people at their PR-agency (Cloudberry, thank you!) sent me this to review over the summer. Tomorrow I’ll try to edit an unboxing video which will be followed by a First Look and, later on, an in-depth review. Does that sound all right to you…? Fortsätt läsa Sneak peak: TomTom RIDER 400

Pimpin’ my ride

Footpeg2 Okay, I admit: my fascination for bling is turning into an obsession. What was once a little bit of this and a little bit of that has turned to a “going to make heads turn”-thing. Fortunately for me, most of the blinking doesn’t cost too much since I try to shop on sales and maybe not the most exclusive brands. After all, who’s going to notice the difference between a hundred dollar peg and a five dollar one when I roar past them…? Fortsätt läsa Pimpin’ my ride

Adventure, here I come

Bikes“Hitting the canvas? Nah, that was nothing! I was back up before the the referee could count to two!” That’s how I feel today. My knee hurts, I apparently hit my shoulder worse than I thought ’cause I am a bit tender today, my hands hurt a bit too but somehow I am eager to get out there again. And there is no time like tomorrow because the mechanic finished up really quickly so I have to go back to the scene of the crime, get the bike and ride the 50 km back tomorrow. In rain, according to the weather wizards.  Fortsätt läsa Adventure, here I come


10498512_10152293554450922_6799032134274391085_oOn top of the very practical nature of being a motorcyclist, including wrenching, problem solving, technical riding skills and so on, there is a very metaphysical quality to being a rider. In fact, it maybe the exact opposite, that the technical aspect is in fact on top of a foundation of spirituality. These two alternate in importance, at least to me, and right now I am gradually shifting from having been technical the last few weeks to thinking more about the more abstract and emotional side of riding.  Fortsätt läsa Metamorphosis

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