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Sneak peak: TomTom RIDER 400

IMG5813The things I do for you, readers all over the world. The kind people at TomTom Sweden, and the even kinder people at their PR-agency (Cloudberry, thank you!) sent me this to review over the summer. Tomorrow I’ll try to edit an unboxing video which will be followed by a First Look and, later on, an in-depth review. Does that sound all right to you…? Fortsätt läsa Sneak peak: TomTom RIDER 400

Drained of energy

988564_10153024581780922_7989210699275503003_nEditing a good comparison video takes a little bit of time, especially when summer struck full force this weekend so I had to spend time with my bike instead of sitting in front of the computer. And with spend time, I mean looking at the damn thing after it died of a crappy battery paired with a badly mapped slipon causing the bike to stall all the time… Fortsätt läsa Drained of energy