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Spring break

12524245_10153550058050922_4201803261182491699_nIt’s been way too long since my last confession. I’ve been busy trying to get my life on track and there are some major changes to it. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say that nothing will ever be what it used to be… Let’s put that aside for now and focus on the important thing here: Spring came today and with it the first tour of the year! Fortsätt läsa Spring break

Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

11402999_10153034536650922_3765784577274544415_nWhat a day! First it was “take your bike to work”-day, or at least I rode the bike to work. Great opening. In the evening I did some shopping and got my hands on some Lindstrands gear, more specifically the enduro pants Lindstrand Lizard, Berglund limited edition, and the gloves Lindstrands Flex. I was going for the Comet gloves but opted for the somewhat more expensive Flex due to their palm sliders given the recent turn of events (my hands still hurt from the accident).  After that it was time for some riding and trying out the gear… Fortsätt läsa Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

The final countdown

11026221_10152856279685922_8016153940351078631_nThings are happening quickly now, or rather, things are starting to show. Almost everything I do now is visual. Not like hooking up two connectors the right way or tweaking a setting of the carbs or polishing up an area just beneath the oil cooler. No, we’re talking major league now. It shows and it makes me proud.  Fortsätt läsa The final countdown