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Ride or die

13353_10152968507585922_3523615663213656671_nSomedays you just have to ride. You feel it in your bones, like a primal scream wanting to be let out. It might be a general uneasiness, a thing at work, a relationship issue or financial troubles. Whatever it is, you just know that the only cure is an awesome ride. Today wasn’t really one of those days for me, but when you’re in a club and someone needs to ride, you ride!  Fortsätt läsa Ride or die

Monday blues

IMG_2148Contrasts are great. They make things stick out, they put an edge to our lives by defining it against other things. Without contrasts life would be a pretty dull business. But if there is one contrast I really, really hate it’s the one going from a weekend of riding to sitting in front of my computer at work on a Monday morning. Nothing can put me down faster or awake that fight-or-flight-reaction as  living this ordinary life of nothingness.

Fortsätt läsa Monday blues