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Brake service

BrakeMotorcycles are not only the best therapy there is, magical beasts of steel and physics, freedom distilled and delivered in powerful punches, but they are also excellent metaphors for life. If you don’t actively work on them, they won’t fix themselves. With that in mind, I did some basic cleaning of the front brake that has been giving me problems for some time.  Fortsätt läsa Brake service

A brake in the daily routine

PaintballWhen life feel about as exciting as a pair of old socks, you have to force yourself to try out new things. That’s what I’ve been doing and the new thing this weekend was paintball. I know, I know, most people have tried but for me it was a first, and it was really fun. Like flashback to military life-fun. And, of course, I’ve done some riding… Fortsätt läsa A brake in the daily routine

Take a brake from the heat

BrakeFixWhen I did the tire changing, I thought it was best to replace the old, worn rear brake rotor and pads, but what I forgot was to adjust the brake fluid level. As a consequence, both rotor and caliper has been running really hot. Not as in “this will seize any moment now” but still hot. Yesterday I decided to do a little field repair and drain some of the fluid from the top with the help of some napkins as to not let it spoil the fun. Fortsätt läsa Take a brake from the heat

Tiresome tires

TireRimWithout YouTube, I and every other home mechanic would be clueless. I am amazed that so many people spend so much time making tutorial videos showing just about anything you might stumble upon. That being said, I cannot for my life fathom how it can look so easy to change a tire when I have to fight for like an hour just to get it off the rim… Fortsätt läsa Tiresome tires