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Drained of energy

988564_10153024581780922_7989210699275503003_nEditing a good comparison video takes a little bit of time, especially when summer struck full force this weekend so I had to spend time with my bike instead of sitting in front of the computer. And with spend time, I mean looking at the damn thing after it died of a crappy battery paired with a badly mapped slipon causing the bike to stall all the time… Fortsätt läsa Drained of energy

At the end of the road

11537804_10152992906040922_219450122909277485_nI am not fond of quitting, but I feel like I’m closing in on that moment where you have to say “damn it, I can’t do this anymore”. But it stings, like a lot, so I don’t think I’m ready to give up just yet. Somehow I will find a way and if that way is paying a real mechanic to do it, well, then that’s what I have to do. Fortsätt läsa At the end of the road

Carb therapy

carbFor various reasons, mostly concerning work, career, future and introspection regarding these things, I had to go wrenching on the Honda today. Of course I want it to be finished before the summer ends but at the moment, with a functioning KTM 690 Enduro, wrenching on the CBR fulfills severals needs and sometimes its therapeutic value exceeds the riding value. When wrenching I can enter a stage of being in the moment, hence no worries about where I’m heading in life… Fortsätt läsa Carb therapy

The final countdown

11026221_10152856279685922_8016153940351078631_nThings are happening quickly now, or rather, things are starting to show. Almost everything I do now is visual. Not like hooking up two connectors the right way or tweaking a setting of the carbs or polishing up an area just beneath the oil cooler. No, we’re talking major league now. It shows and it makes me proud.  Fortsätt läsa The final countdown

Wiring success

11152348_10152851046535922_965905629682440053_nAt last! The wiring harness from hell has been transformed into a fully functional wiring complete with an Acewell speedometer and all. After many hours and then some, I finally managed to connect everything in a way that seems to work. I won’t know until the bike is up and running so I can see the speedometer and tachometer in action. But hey, for now I have clock power, everything lights up when I turn the key, the signals for oil pressure, neutral, turn signals and high beams work. It wasn’t easy though… Fortsätt läsa Wiring success

The Beast is coming back

11058719_10152812471580922_5253943595284733176_nStep by step my Beast is coming back to life. Yesterday I got the swingarm back on, which wasn’t all that easy considering the extra thickness of the powder coat. I had to sand down some of the distances and really force the different parts of the rear linkage to get them to fit. But with a little help from my friend even that could be achieved. Fortsätt läsa The Beast is coming back

A proper amount of force

IMG_3141I guess there are two kinds of mechanics: Those who follow the specs and those who don’t. Of course there is an advantage to belong to the first group. Specs are specs for a reason. Unfortunately I belong to the second group. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that I don’t have much money. Torque wrenches are expensive for example. Now that I’m about to split the engine and check it out I’ve decided to switch to the spec team.  Fortsätt läsa A proper amount of force