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M.button, M.unit,

Well, that was fast. The M.button came in the mail today, faster than I expected. Props to the good people at for the fast delivery although I must say that their customer service and communication skills leave much to be desired. Anyways, I can now proceed with the Great Wiring… Fortsätt läsa M.button, M.unit,

Everyday rider

IMG6851So I couldn’t help myself. Although it was a little bit chilly, I felt the urge to twist the wrist and feel the power surge through my body, both the fleshy part and the mechanical dito. I only took the Beast from the garage to my home to have it ready for tomorrow when I’ll ride her to work but it was enough to make me happy. This makes it four days in a row which, considering the time of year, is pretty satisfactory.  Fortsätt läsa Everyday rider