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How one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and my summer too

This is when I bought the bike.

With more than 180 posts, I think you loyal readers know a bit about me by now. A vast majority of these posts has been rather positive, even when things haven’t gone my way. This is going to be the opposite. Let me tell you the story about how one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and at the same time wasted my summer… Fortsätt läsa How one dealer ruined the KTM brand for me and my summer too

Another one bites the dust

11218171_10153097742480922_9170458883943586312_nI seem to have magical hands because everything I touch break and die. Now it is the KTM who has started to act strangely. So strangely that I felt I had to get my hands into her guts and see what’s causing it. She runs smoothly for ten minutes, an hour, whatever but all of sudden she sounds like a machine gun, runs really strange and sometimes dies. Some things point it out to be a glitchy connector or a lambda sensor about to go, other things point me in the direction of me having the worst luck in the world… Fortsätt läsa Another one bites the dust

AFK – adventure awaits

AdventureIt’s time for my first overnight offroad motorcycle adventure. We’re talking sleeping bag, tent, fire starting tools, the whole lot. Now this only for the night so it’s more of a trial-and-error-tour to see how to pack and what to bring. I already know more or less what to bring since I’ve spent more than a few nights in the woods but I haven’t brought my stuff on a bike before… Fortsätt läsa AFK – adventure awaits

And she’s done!

11750620_10153074551565922_5241922655967020140_nIf the devil is in the details, then everything I do must appeal to the other guy because I am really thorough when it comes to details. Like for example soldering the wires to the crimps because I don’t trust them enough. That’s what I did today when I installed the electrical section of the TomTom RIDER 400 bar mount… Fortsätt läsa And she’s done!

Adventurizing the KTM 690

Old pic just for ambience.

Is that even a word, adventurizing? Never mind, I like it anyways. To me it signifies the action of making your bike ready for great adventures and that’s what I’ve been doing. I was supposed to clean the carbs of the CBR but then I felt like doing something else instead. Like adventurizing a bike intended for such a purpose but currently not living up to its potential…

Fortsätt läsa Adventurizing the KTM 690

Adventure, here I come

Bikes“Hitting the canvas? Nah, that was nothing! I was back up before the the referee could count to two!” That’s how I feel today. My knee hurts, I apparently hit my shoulder worse than I thought ’cause I am a bit tender today, my hands hurt a bit too but somehow I am eager to get out there again. And there is no time like tomorrow because the mechanic finished up really quickly so I have to go back to the scene of the crime, get the bike and ride the 50 km back tomorrow. In rain, according to the weather wizards.  Fortsätt läsa Adventure, here I come

First look: Continental TKC 80

11223812_10152899536315922_2904450649826365225_nToday I got a new set of rubber for the orange and black baby while waiting for better weather. In fact, this was one of the fastest deliveries I’ve ever received considering I ordered them Monday morning online from Germany and got them today. Thumbs up, Anyways, these are my first impressions (remember, they aren’t mounted yet).  Fortsätt läsa First look: Continental TKC 80

Wolfpack riding

IMG5217If riding two is fun, then riding three is even better. A beautiful, but cold, day is not to be wasted so it was time to go enduro riding in the urban jungle. The Nite Ryderz did some exploration today and went to some previously unridden roads in the city. Great fun and it is always nice to get to know your city a little bit better.  Fortsätt läsa Wolfpack riding

Dirty dreams

10402457_10152479459793037_8176054410541199151_nA rainy day in the end of October might not sound like the best conditions for some great riding, at least not when that rainy day happens to be in Sweden, but today was a surprise. It started out with a test ride of an old GSX 750 that ended up in the possession of my brother (congratulations to buying your first bike, bro’). It was in decent shape and actually a fun ride, much more fun than I expected. Feeling happy but not having saturated my need for speed, I decided to take my KTM for a ride. Fortsätt läsa Dirty dreams