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Pimpin’ my ride

Footpeg2 Okay, I admit: my fascination for bling is turning into an obsession. What was once a little bit of this and a little bit of that has turned to a “going to make heads turn”-thing. Fortunately for me, most of the blinking doesn’t cost too much since I try to shop on sales and maybe not the most exclusive brands. After all, who’s going to notice the difference between a hundred dollar peg and a five dollar one when I roar past them…? Fortsätt läsa Pimpin’ my ride

Toolbox titan

ToolNo matter how many tools I buy, there always seems to be room for one more in the toolbox. Meet my latest investment: a tool for measuring TDC (Top Dead Center) among other things. As usual I got it cheap off eBay but unlike some other stuff, this tool was actually made, or at least sold in Europe. Not that it matters really, most of my tools have been good value for money which means they have been dirt cheap but done their job at least half-decent… Fortsätt läsa Toolbox titan

Adventure, here I come

Bikes“Hitting the canvas? Nah, that was nothing! I was back up before the the referee could count to two!” That’s how I feel today. My knee hurts, I apparently hit my shoulder worse than I thought ’cause I am a bit tender today, my hands hurt a bit too but somehow I am eager to get out there again. And there is no time like tomorrow because the mechanic finished up really quickly so I have to go back to the scene of the crime, get the bike and ride the 50 km back tomorrow. In rain, according to the weather wizards.  Fortsätt läsa Adventure, here I come

I, horder

10698444_10152501071245922_5574661027343397894_nConfession time: When it comes to bikes I am a horder. eBay is like a drug, sweet at first but then it becomes an addiction. And that is especially true for the Chinese styling corner of the warehouse. It’s so easy to order something “just in case” or because “I want to try this look”. Fine, it is a gamble because pictures and wares don’t always match, nor the quality assured. But for a buck, it’s often worth a shot.  Fortsätt läsa I, horder

Supply and demand

leversOne of the problems an aspiring bike builder will face here in Sweden is supply and demand. Among the community, the skill level seem to be fairly high, in many cases far beyond my own skills, which means that the market for customized bikes is saturated. People simply build their own bikes rather than letting someone else do it. And that’s cool. Unfortunately the supply of good donor bikes is scarce. Sweden is a small country and older bikes with few miles in decent shape can be tricky to find, at least if you’re on a shoestring budget.

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No limit

10730810_10152461846425922_1438165477758357529_nEveryone knows that buying an old bike and doing all the work yourself is a trap. Sure, you get it cheap and save a lot of money on simple stuff like service and such but unless you’re really good at hardware, you’re in for a treat. For example, let’s say that you have some electrical issues to sort out. A professional might solve that in a few hours while you put 40 hours or more looking at the bike, testing, reading on different sites. That’s a lot of hours… On the other hand, those hours are, at least to me, a way of relaxing and give me far more pleasure than working my day job the same amount of time.  Fortsätt läsa No limit