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Wolfpack riding

IMG5217If riding two is fun, then riding three is even better. A beautiful, but cold, day is not to be wasted so it was time to go enduro riding in the urban jungle. The Nite Ryderz did some exploration today and went to some previously unridden roads in the city. Great fun and it is always nice to get to know your city a little bit better.  Fortsätt läsa Wolfpack riding

Spare parts and time

IMG_3190My CBR-project is once more delayed. Getting parts for a
reasonable amount of money in a reasonable amount of time in this country seems to be nearly impossible. I am looking for two small oil collars to the oil cooler, and I found a Swedish supplier but unfortunately they can’t get their hands on those until the end of April. April. That’s half the season gone Fortsätt läsa Spare parts and time

Great times

11008609_10152714693290922_619125356656180871_nSun shining, just a tad over freezing, dry ground… Of course I had to take the first ride of the season. Not on my Honda, that engine is still split, but my wonderful KTM roared to life although it took some effort. It was amazing to be back behind bars again. Roaming the streets of a city void of motorcycles, we owned the day. Apparently I had missed it more than I cared to confess even to myself, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day. Only 20 kilometres but man, did it do some good to my soul. Fortsätt läsa Great times

The choices we make

IMG4717The last couple of days I haven’t written anything because my mind has been wrestling the big issues of life. There might be a chance to get into the motorcycle industry, my passion, but there are drawbacks and practical issues that must be resolved and I am desperately trying to do just that. On the other hand, I’ve made some commitments that I don’t like break either. On top of that, there is family to consider too. This, in reality a positive situation, is weighing heavy on my shoulders right now. So I had to go for a ride yesterday… Fortsätt läsa The choices we make

Dirty dreams

10402457_10152479459793037_8176054410541199151_nA rainy day in the end of October might not sound like the best conditions for some great riding, at least not when that rainy day happens to be in Sweden, but today was a surprise. It started out with a test ride of an old GSX 750 that ended up in the possession of my brother (congratulations to buying your first bike, bro’). It was in decent shape and actually a fun ride, much more fun than I expected. Feeling happy but not having saturated my need for speed, I decided to take my KTM for a ride. Fortsätt läsa Dirty dreams

The many phases of a motorcyclist

1525455_10151876066610922_1750601420_n“I will never own a Harley!” I remember how sure I was of this when I  bought my CBR. In my world, Harley was a brand for old bikers on the verge of retirement. The Japanese sport bikes, they were everything I wanted. Fast, sometimes futuristic although I must admit that the -92 I bought was far from that, technological marvels with warp speed capabilities. The inline fours screaming when passing slow going cars were music to my ears, nothing like the thumping of Harleys.  Fortsätt läsa The many phases of a motorcyclist

The riddle of steel

IMG_0456Modern technology is pushing new boundaries every day and for the most part I believe it is positive. There is a plethora of systems and functions that are supposed to increase safety and riding experience in the motorcycles of today, like ABS, EPS and so on, and who knows what tomorrow brings to the table. I mean, there are already helmets with cameras and HUD, projecting information. Will there be holographic projections a few years from now? Are you going to be able to put in a cruise control mode with the ability to actually steer the bike without any help for boring highway riding? Will the brake systems make it impossible for you to accidentally do a stoppie at the brake lights? All this probably good and impressive but I can’t help to feel that we are losing our soul in the process. Fortsätt läsa The riddle of steel

Legends of the fall

IMG_0578Confession time: I am not really a bad weather rider. I mean, I do ride occasionally in the rain but mostly short distances and not if I can avoid it. Partly because I’m not entirely sure that my motorcycle can take it due to some of the more unfinished modifications I’ve done to the electrical system, but mostly because I want riding to be a pleasurable experience and frankly, riding in cold rain isn’t really that much fun. So how do I cope with this when living in a country where the official season lasts about four months? Easy. Enduro-riding. Fortsätt läsa Legends of the fall