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Another one bites the dust

11218171_10153097742480922_9170458883943586312_nI seem to have magical hands because everything I touch break and die. Now it is the KTM who has started to act strangely. So strangely that I felt I had to get my hands into her guts and see what’s causing it. She runs smoothly for ten minutes, an hour, whatever but all of sudden she sounds like a machine gun, runs really strange and sometimes dies. Some things point it out to be a glitchy connector or a lambda sensor about to go, other things point me in the direction of me having the worst luck in the world… Fortsätt läsa Another one bites the dust

Closing in

10439394_10152881793880922_2861203463448778481_nThe last few day I’ve been trying to figure out where the problem is and how to solve it. Although I am getting more and more experienced with every session in the garage, I don’t really know how to solve this one. I am leaning towards one of two options: either buying a used engine and put in the frame or dropping the bike off at a real mechanic to see if he can fix it. Either way, I need this bike fixed soon… Fortsätt läsa Closing in

The final countdown

11026221_10152856279685922_8016153940351078631_nThings are happening quickly now, or rather, things are starting to show. Almost everything I do now is visual. Not like hooking up two connectors the right way or tweaking a setting of the carbs or polishing up an area just beneath the oil cooler. No, we’re talking major league now. It shows and it makes me proud.  Fortsätt läsa The final countdown

Jack of all trades

11160576_10152838468560922_7104451451233098035_nBeing interested in motorcycle to the point where you actually wrench and do stuff to your bike, other than just changing oil and riding around town looking cool (which is fine too), requires you to become somewhat of a Jack of all trades. Besides a basic understanding of mechanics, you have to know about wrenching, tools, preferably welding and metal fabrication, and, there is no escaping this, electrical work and soldering… Fortsätt läsa Jack of all trades

The Beast is coming back

11058719_10152812471580922_5253943595284733176_nStep by step my Beast is coming back to life. Yesterday I got the swingarm back on, which wasn’t all that easy considering the extra thickness of the powder coat. I had to sand down some of the distances and really force the different parts of the rear linkage to get them to fit. But with a little help from my friend even that could be achieved. Fortsätt läsa The Beast is coming back

Another gear

IMG5197I really have to pick up the pace although I am currently spending at least an hour and half every night doing what needs to be done. The clutch is mounted, so is the the alternator. What’s lacking though is the oil cooler (waiting on two collars before I can mount it) and the starter motor with the starting clutch (waiting for the gear shaft). So today I began working on the cylinder head… Fortsätt läsa Another gear

Moving forward

IMG5185Another couple of hours spent in the garage. I got the spray paint for the caliper today but decided to press on with the engine instead. Today I managed to get the oil pan back on (with the stuff inside it of course) and mounted the oil pump too.  Oh, and I did some more cleaning. The way this grime clings to the engine is unreal. All I haven’t tried to get it off is voodoo and I don’t intend to try that. Fortsätt läsa Moving forward

Sealing the deal

IMG5176I did it! After having hesitated for a while, I decided not to give a fuck and go for it so I did. I put on the sealant, albeit far too much. Given that it is my first time, I do hope I did a solid enough work. I only put it where it is supposed to be according to the manual and I even tightened all the bolts according to spec. There is a first for everything… Fortsätt läsa Sealing the deal

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