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Tail light swagger

IMG6056The plan was to repair the leaking petcock and work on the new seat. The reality was I did neither. As soon as I entered the man cave I got an idea. Why don’t I work on the tail section of the bike instead? At least get some measurements and start planning before I get to it with the seat fabrication. Well, I didn’t really get to that stage… Fortsätt läsa Tail light swagger

Motorcycle blues

IMG4631Today it started snowing in the city. It wasn’t like the really heavy stuff that stays on the ground forever but rather the wet kind that forms a thin white blanket of wetness that disappears when you walk on it but not before it has send your shoe slipping in an unintended direction. I don’t even dare to think what it would do to motorcycle tires. But it has to go away because on Saturday I’ve made plans to go riding with my club Nite Ryderz.

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Forced creation

IMG_0596As a journalist and copywriter I know that a little bit of stress can be good for creativity. Without a deadline it’s easy to get stuck in that limbo where you don’t move in any direction but just sit there being absurdly creative without any incentive to actually deliver. A deadline kind of forces you down that narrow road of time constraints, creativity and demands which ultimately leads to your goal.

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