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Tail light swagger

IMG6056The plan was to repair the leaking petcock and work on the new seat. The reality was I did neither. As soon as I entered the man cave I got an idea. Why don’t I work on the tail section of the bike instead? At least get some measurements and start planning before I get to it with the seat fabrication. Well, I didn’t really get to that stage… Fortsätt läsa Tail light swagger

Spare parts and time

IMG_3190My CBR-project is once more delayed. Getting parts for a
reasonable amount of money in a reasonable amount of time in this country seems to be nearly impossible. I am looking for two small oil collars to the oil cooler, and I found a Swedish supplier but unfortunately they can’t get their hands on those until the end of April. April. That’s half the season gone Fortsätt läsa Spare parts and time

Sealing the deal

IMG5176I did it! After having hesitated for a while, I decided not to give a fuck and go for it so I did. I put on the sealant, albeit far too much. Given that it is my first time, I do hope I did a solid enough work. I only put it where it is supposed to be according to the manual and I even tightened all the bolts according to spec. There is a first for everything… Fortsätt läsa Sealing the deal

The things we do for love

11021066_10152736615915922_8757282167583289037_nIf you really love someone, you are willing to go that extra mile. With that in mind, I got up at 0615 this morning and before you start complaining of how early you get up, I just want to say that for several years I got up at 5.20 every day, so nowadays I deserve to sleep in a little bit. Anyways, I got up early, got my frame and drove to the powder coater.  My baby is finally going to get that semi glossy black structure she always deserved. Fortsätt läsa The things we do for love

The fun is on

10891775_10152735116485922_5725139632470839315_nAnother couple of hours in the man cave and now I’m actually having fun. I went back to square one and reinstalled the mainshaft and countershaft, and this time in the upper block instead of the lower. It made everything much easier when I put the two halves together. I have yet to seal it but the sealant I bought, a blue one, gives me a bad feeling so I will try to find something with more impressive spec and more tolerance to gas and not only oil. Fortsätt läsa The fun is on

Off my bucket list

framepicYesterday I accomplished, with a bit of help from a friend, one of the things that have been on my bucket list forever: disassembling a bike into its core parts. Yup, I am finally done with it and everything is in pieces. A frame there, a swingarm there, a bracket to the rear brake caliper on a shelf and so on. And man, do I feel proud of myself. Of course I realize that taking it apart is way easier than putting it back together, but it has always been a dream of mine to be able to say that I took a bike apart and then rebuilt it.

Fortsätt läsa Off my bucket list


FrameA couple of more hours in the garage. I got some really nice bar mounts I bought on eBay and they turned out to be perfect for mounting my Acewell speedometer. I also managed to remove the wire harness from the frame, the tail section and some other junk. It’s more or less naked from now on, and I am pushing my imagination to the limit in coming up with a new, cool but functional tail section without having to cut it. Swedish regulations are pretty harsh on those matters… Fortsätt läsa Framework

Dismantling love

dismantlingIt’s been pretty quiet in here the last few days. The reason for this is simple and joyful: I’ve been busy dismantling my baby, my Beast, my CBR600 F2. I’ve never been this deep into the hardware of a bike before. It feels a bit like Star Trek, you know, “To boldly go where no man’s gone before”. Most of all I want to get the engine out for inspection and leave the frame for sandblasting and powder coating. While I’m at it, I might as well clean, inspect and lubricate everything else. Fortsätt läsa Dismantling love

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