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The art of gearing up

SleepingBagThere is nothing quite like the feeling of getting that message that you have a package to pick up. Even better when there are two packages. It feels a bit like Christmas, except you’re Santa and you know what great presents you are going to get. Nine out of ten times, my gifts are from myself and have to do with motorcycle. No exception today… Fortsätt läsa The art of gearing up

Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

11049601_10153079774960922_6565967703774242420_nAfter months of planning, failing to execute and planning again, we did it. We packed our gear and headed out into the unknown. And it was the kind of journey that fills the void in your soul caused by the mundane way of life for a mindless drone…  Fortsätt läsa Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

My fall from grace

AccidentEvery rider knows this day will come and fear it. The day you fall. Today that day came to me in the form of me, a sharp turn, some loose gravel and a KTM 690 Enduro. And let me tell you this: Falling hurts. It hurts your body, it hurts your bike and it hurts your soul. And it is the latter that hurts the most. Fortsätt läsa My fall from grace

Tools and the trade

11351207_10152973568345922_5911312286321183312_nThe title isn’t me misunderstanding the expression but rather a summary  of a pretty weird day. On a whim, I decided that I might get into the motorcycle gear designing business. Working with something motorcycle related has long been my dream, and I have even had a few opportunities but the circumstances hasn’t really been right. I would like to run my own business, doing stuff the way I want while at the same time contributing to the community would be awesome. Today I scrambled up some courage and went for it…  Fortsätt läsa Tools and the trade

Shopping for dreams

11150268_10152833267665922_6987009464305933208_nI’ve written about the level of service given when shopping for gear before, or rather the lack of. Nothing is more sad than to see an eager shopper, maybe shopping his or her first gear after having passed the test, only to be greeted with a kind of non-enthusiastic behavior displayed by some of the clerks working in stores around Stockholm. It pisses me off, to be frank. Of course you can have a shitty day, but hey, if someone comes in to spend a lot of money and needs your help, you suck it up and help them out. If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of the business. Fortsätt läsa Shopping for dreams

One step forward, a leap backwards

IMG5159My plan for today was putting the engine blocks back together with a sealant. That didn’t happen. At first I didn’t manage to line up the blocks properly with the mainshaft and countershaft in place. It turns out that the small protruding pipe on the bearing of the mainshaft is supposed to be fitted into a pocket in the upper crankcase. I did not understand at first and it took me a while to figure that out.  Fortsätt läsa One step forward, a leap backwards

The fun is on

10891775_10152735116485922_5725139632470839315_nAnother couple of hours in the man cave and now I’m actually having fun. I went back to square one and reinstalled the mainshaft and countershaft, and this time in the upper block instead of the lower. It made everything much easier when I put the two halves together. I have yet to seal it but the sealant I bought, a blue one, gives me a bad feeling so I will try to find something with more impressive spec and more tolerance to gas and not only oil. Fortsätt läsa The fun is on

Review of TCX-X WP Street

IMG3522I am casual rider, roaming the streets in the city more than anything else. As such I don’t want to look like a fucking storm trooper every time I stop to get a coffee or make an errand. Style is crucial and a part of the motorcycle experience, so choosing the right footwear was absolutely essential to me. I’ve got a pair of real protective boots for enduro riding and a decent pair of touring boots but neither will fit the urban lifestyle so I decided to get a pair of TCX-X WP Street, a sneaker like CE-approved (very important) boot at a decent price, around 1 400 Swedish crowns or 150 euros. That was a year ago and ever since that has been my shoe of choice even on the days I’m not riding. Fortsätt läsa Review of TCX-X WP Street