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Blood, sweat and oil

BadassBikeFive hours of intense wrenching and what do I have to show for it? Not that much really, but still closer to my goal: getting my CBR 600 to pass the Swedish MOT inspection. Today I took a few small steps towards that goal and a pretty giant leap backwards. The net worth is still a forward motion though… Fortsätt läsa Blood, sweat and oil

Suzuki – not that bad

SuzukiAnother unproductive weekend, at least when it comes to bikes. I am feeling a bit tired after having been ill for a while (bronchitis), so I haven’t really had the urge to wrench. Besides, I’m waiting for parts to finish the Honda so I can enjoy the autumn rides under the red, orange and yellow canopy that is about to enter the stage.  Fortsätt läsa Suzuki – not that bad

Dirty dreams

10402457_10152479459793037_8176054410541199151_nA rainy day in the end of October might not sound like the best conditions for some great riding, at least not when that rainy day happens to be in Sweden, but today was a surprise. It started out with a test ride of an old GSX 750 that ended up in the possession of my brother (congratulations to buying your first bike, bro’). It was in decent shape and actually a fun ride, much more fun than I expected. Feeling happy but not having saturated my need for speed, I decided to take my KTM for a ride. Fortsätt läsa Dirty dreams