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Vacation work

11694768_10153068740940922_3903584028508944131_nDo you remember the old Honda CBR that I rebuilt during the cold winter months? No? No surprise, I hardly remember her myself, having neglected her for so long with the exception of a few feeble attempts at getting her to run again. It’s time to make a real effort though. I recently got a 34 part set of all o-rings needed for sealing the carbs properly so hopefully I’ll have those leaking carbs fixed in no time.  Fortsätt läsa Vacation work

Tools and the trade

11351207_10152973568345922_5911312286321183312_nThe title isn’t me misunderstanding the expression but rather a summary  of a pretty weird day. On a whim, I decided that I might get into the motorcycle gear designing business. Working with something motorcycle related has long been my dream, and I have even had a few opportunities but the circumstances hasn’t really been right. I would like to run my own business, doing stuff the way I want while at the same time contributing to the community would be awesome. Today I scrambled up some courage and went for it…  Fortsätt läsa Tools and the trade