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Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

11402999_10153034536650922_3765784577274544415_nWhat a day! First it was “take your bike to work”-day, or at least I rode the bike to work. Great opening. In the evening I did some shopping and got my hands on some Lindstrands gear, more specifically the enduro pants Lindstrand Lizard, Berglund limited edition, and the gloves Lindstrands Flex. I was going for the Comet gloves but opted for the somewhat more expensive Flex due to their palm sliders given the recent turn of events (my hands still hurt from the accident).  After that it was time for some riding and trying out the gear… Fortsätt läsa Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

Customer relations

JohnDoeYou see this t-shirt? Pretty cool, right? Didn’t cost me a cent either. Just some blood and pain but that I have plenty while money is scarce… Nah, just kidding. I did however get this shirt as a token of appreciation for me writing the webshop, Bike Nord by the way, about the accident and how the John Doe Kamikaze kevlar jeans held up during my faceplant into the pavement.  Fortsätt läsa Customer relations

Toolbox titan

ToolNo matter how many tools I buy, there always seems to be room for one more in the toolbox. Meet my latest investment: a tool for measuring TDC (Top Dead Center) among other things. As usual I got it cheap off eBay but unlike some other stuff, this tool was actually made, or at least sold in Europe. Not that it matters really, most of my tools have been good value for money which means they have been dirt cheap but done their job at least half-decent… Fortsätt läsa Toolbox titan

My fall from grace

AccidentEvery rider knows this day will come and fear it. The day you fall. Today that day came to me in the form of me, a sharp turn, some loose gravel and a KTM 690 Enduro. And let me tell you this: Falling hurts. It hurts your body, it hurts your bike and it hurts your soul. And it is the latter that hurts the most. Fortsätt läsa My fall from grace

John Doe kevlar jeans: Review

IMG4962Since January I’ve been using the John Doe Kamikaze kevlar jeans when riding. Sure, it has been that many opportunities to ride but I feel that I have enough experience with the pants to write a more in-depth review of them. The market for kevlar jeans (and similar protective fibres) seem to be growing and I know how hard it can be deciding which ones to buy, especially since they are pretty expensive.  Fortsätt läsa John Doe kevlar jeans: Review

Days of thunder

19784_10152901547405922_6562901408833575357_nWhat a day! I am completely exhausted from all wrenching and riding. Not that I did any wrenching on my own bike. No, I helped a friend putting bicycle together and another friend with a grounding issue regarding the temperature sensor of his KTM 690. The first model (2008) have quite a few design flaws, but the combined forces of the Internet have fought to overcome them. As far as my own bike go, my speedometer is really hard to read at times, so either I open it up and try to fix it (note to self: remember the engine of the CBR…?!) or install for example a TrailTech or something similar. Time will tell. As for now, I just want to ride.  Fortsätt läsa Days of thunder

First look: John Doe Kevlar Jeans

IMG4963While my engine disassembly and, later on, assembly, is going slow, like really slow, I’ve spent a few days at a motorcycle expo in Stockholm although I worked in a different section not connected to motorcycles at all. Not only did I see a lot of new bikes but I also did what I promised myself a long time ago: I bought a pair of kevlar jeans. Fortsätt läsa First look: John Doe Kevlar Jeans