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Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

11402999_10153034536650922_3765784577274544415_nWhat a day! First it was “take your bike to work”-day, or at least I rode the bike to work. Great opening. In the evening I did some shopping and got my hands on some Lindstrands gear, more specifically the enduro pants Lindstrand Lizard, Berglund limited edition, and the gloves Lindstrands Flex. I was going for the Comet gloves but opted for the somewhat more expensive Flex due to their palm sliders given the recent turn of events (my hands still hurt from the accident).  After that it was time for some riding and trying out the gear… Fortsätt läsa Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

My fall from grace

AccidentEvery rider knows this day will come and fear it. The day you fall. Today that day came to me in the form of me, a sharp turn, some loose gravel and a KTM 690 Enduro. And let me tell you this: Falling hurts. It hurts your body, it hurts your bike and it hurts your soul. And it is the latter that hurts the most. Fortsätt läsa My fall from grace