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Baby steps

11112844_10152827758975922_3526632074890626300_nI have never seen the Nite Ryderz garage being as crowded as it was today. It  was nice to get that real garage feeling albeit only for twenty minutes or so. Unfortunately, helping out with an oil change and the crowdedness of the garage affected my own wrenching. Then again, I’ve occupied most of the garage the entire winter so I should just be silent. The only things I did on the bike today was scraping off some old gasket material from the engine covers, and also some of the paint that had stained the surfaces of the covers. Oh, and I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out where and how the rubber cover protecting part of the wiring harness from the heat of the engine was supposed to fit.  Fortsätt läsa Baby steps

Wheel of time

11051865_10152816694605922_9104708518792090490_nTaking a bike apart and putting it back together is not only a  valuable learning experience regarding the mechanics of motorcycles but also a humbling lesson in patience. Like when you have to do things over and over again because you did not think things through the first time. Getting an unbroken chain back on is one of those things…  Fortsätt läsa Wheel of time

Another gear

IMG5197I really have to pick up the pace although I am currently spending at least an hour and half every night doing what needs to be done. The clutch is mounted, so is the the alternator. What’s lacking though is the oil cooler (waiting on two collars before I can mount it) and the starter motor with the starting clutch (waiting for the gear shaft). So today I began working on the cylinder head… Fortsätt läsa Another gear

Carbon deposits

IMG5037No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, it seems like there is always going to be that one bolt standing between me and doing some really work. I am still struggling with the flywheel bolt to remove the alternator. Breaker bars, impact drivers, WD40… I cannot seem to find the Achilles heel of the bolt. Soon I will fall back on the one thing that worked before: Grinding the damn thing off.

Fortsätt läsa Carbon deposits

Be cool

Clutch basketWhen wrestling with the big questions in life (“where do I see myself in ten years?”, “To pursue one’s dreams or go for the career” and “How the hell could I raise enough money to buy a KTM 690 Enduro R?”, there is nothing like a bit of wrenching to clear your mind. I believe it is the combination of problem solving, working with your hands and all those chemicals entering your bloodstream, but whatever it is, it works.  Fortsätt läsa Be cool

Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

IMG_3120Motorcycle maintenance enemy number one is the sun. Who wants to work on his or her bike when the sun is out, casting its seductive light? Not me anyways. It’s been way too long since I last worked on the bike. Partly because of my great expectations of the incredible setup I would fabricate during the TIG-welding course, partly because of a survival strategy. You see, sometimes during more or less non-ridable periods of time, I enter a state where I cannot work on the bike because of all the emotions it triggers… Fortsätt läsa Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

The power of sound

10616091_10152352003420922_4549032487668918038_nOne of the most frequently given piece of advice would probably be “Listen to it”. Nothing wrong with that. The sound can tell you that your brake calipers won’t return hence pushing a bit too hard on the brake rotor. Or that your valves need to be adjusted. It can tell you if it’s time clean your carbs or your chain play is too big, slapping the swing in the process. No, the power of sound cannot be denied. Fortsätt läsa The power of sound

God in the machine

IMG_2452There must have been magic involved when God created motorcycles. Who could have known that a fully rounded lip would stabilize the airflow into the carbs? Or calculated the perfect timing of the ignition to get that wonderful Harley sound? Or thought of the idea with friction plates for gear shifting? Nah, that’s most definitely supernatural in its origin. But still, humans can learn a lot and I sure have learned tremendous amounts about not the philosophical aspects of being human in regard to my surroundings but also about motorcycle technology, technology in general in fact, the last couple of years. Fortsätt läsa God in the machine