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The final destination

11953231_10153138444460922_5760857507766135020_nThe journey has come to an end. My Beast, the CBR, passed the MOT inspection today and is now declared fully street legal. I feel happy to the point of being drained of all energy. This has been the goal since I first started tearing everything apart, completely clueless, last December: to pick a bike apart and put it back together in a street legal state. I have achieved that goal now and can check that box of the bucket list.  Fortsätt läsa The final destination

Blood, sweat and oil

BadassBikeFive hours of intense wrenching and what do I have to show for it? Not that much really, but still closer to my goal: getting my CBR 600 to pass the Swedish MOT inspection. Today I took a few small steps towards that goal and a pretty giant leap backwards. The net worth is still a forward motion though… Fortsätt läsa Blood, sweat and oil

Taking the right turn

10394775_10152966104740922_1407455755062982953_nAs some of you remember, I had the MOT inspection two days after having brought the KTM 690 Enduro home. The night before I struggled with getting all the required lights (turn signals, plate light and so on) and managed to break the rear right turn signal. So I failed the inspection but without any requirement to go back to reinspect the bike after having corrected that problem. Well, I’ve been slacking off on that “correcting the problem”-part but today I finally got around to do it. Fortsätt läsa Taking the right turn

The road warrior reborn

18511_10152892938275922_5043186639239348643_nThe blog has been a bit left behind the last week and for that I’m sorry but I can assure you that it is far from dead. No, my friends, it is very much alive and ’tis the season where heroes are reborn and adventures are lived. Let me introduce you to my newest companion on the road to stardom, success and, most importantly, a summer of endless riding: The KTM 690 Enduro! Fortsätt läsa The road warrior reborn