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The road ahead

IMG4246You know how a road stretching out in front of you can feel like the road to paradise, full of opportunities along the way? Well, it can also feel like the road to perdition, full av difficult choices along the way. And sometimes those two are one and the same, like multiple layers of different shades. That’s where I am now. One moment I tend to see opportunities, but more often I see problems. Fortsätt läsa The road ahead

The choices we make

IMG4717The last couple of days I haven’t written anything because my mind has been wrestling the big issues of life. There might be a chance to get into the motorcycle industry, my passion, but there are drawbacks and practical issues that must be resolved and I am desperately trying to do just that. On the other hand, I’ve made some commitments that I don’t like break either. On top of that, there is family to consider too. This, in reality a positive situation, is weighing heavy on my shoulders right now. So I had to go for a ride yesterday… Fortsätt läsa The choices we make

Review of Scala Rider G9/G9x

67197_10152460021835922_4603229511506469716_nBeing an enthusiastic motorcyclist is expensive. It’s like one, or in my case two, huge money pits have suddenly appeared in the middle of my bank vault which was pretty empty to begin with. Passing the test set me back quite a few bucks, buying the beasts were cheap relatively speaking but still set med back even more. To that comes all the gear, spare parts, custom parts, gas, insurance and so on. The list keeps growing. But there is one investment that I’ve never regretted: My Scala Rider.  Fortsätt läsa Review of Scala Rider G9/G9x