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Wheel of time

11051865_10152816694605922_9104708518792090490_nTaking a bike apart and putting it back together is not only a  valuable learning experience regarding the mechanics of motorcycles but also a humbling lesson in patience. Like when you have to do things over and over again because you did not think things through the first time. Getting an unbroken chain back on is one of those things…  Fortsätt läsa Wheel of time

Nite Ryderz

IMG4419The same week as I passed the exam and got my license I bought the Honda CBR and formed a club together with my friend who got his license following week. We call ourselves Nite Ryderz and yes, there is a reason for the spelling, and ride under a colorful logo, a tribute to Miami Vice and other 80’s series that we loved, designed by that very same friend. And yes, we do ride at night as we did last night… Fortsätt läsa Nite Ryderz