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Time for progression

IMG5117The last few days I’ve made some progression. All the pistons are cleaned and back in their respective place in the cylinders. It wasn’t easy getting them back, not at all. Getting the piston ring compressor to line up perfectly to get an even pressure enough to let it slide back in is tricky but fortunately I got better at it after the first two. Anyways, they now look almost as good as new. Fortsätt läsa Time for progression

To rebuild or not

IMG5096After having torn down the engine, I face a difficult choice: to rebuild or not. On the one hand one might argue that it would be suitable to rebuild everything since disassembling takes time and money anyways. On the other hand, is it really worth putting more money into a 23 year old  engine that run, as far as I know, great before? Rebuilding would mean a thorough check of everything and an even greater learning experience. Not rebuilding would be quicker, cheaper (like a lot) and still a great learning experience.  Fortsätt läsa To rebuild or not

Dirty heads

engineThe new year is here and it has been a great start. Together with a friend, an impact driver and some force we managed to crack open the cylinder head bolts. It wasn’t easy but we did it so we could finally remove that part of the engine to have a look underneath. It was dirty. Like really dirty. I don’t know if the piston heads are supposed to look like that but they looked dirty.  Fortsätt läsa Dirty heads