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Riding the green wave

VaxholmYet another warm and sunny day despite the oracles claiming clouds and rain, and because of that yet another ride. This time we went to Vaxholm outside Stockholm, a ride that is probably one of the most beautiful ones in the area and in total around ninety kilometer as we rode it. What better way to dissipate that Sunday angst and breathe fire into your soul? Fortsätt läsa Riding the green wave

Gone riding

11407236_10152987834060922_4793826813089388006_nStill not feeling very well, but as the death defying daredevil I am, I still went for a ride, albeit a short one. If being two out riding is awesome, being three is even more awesome. And a ride doesn’t have to be two hundred klicks to count as a good ride. Sometimes it’s enough to go for half an hour, find a new spot in the close vicinity but where you’ve never been and sit down for a few minutes while having some Italian ice cream. Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened today. Fortsätt läsa Gone riding

One more on the list

11392967_10152986377220922_191101911469745713_nIt’s important to listen to your body. But sometimes you have to tell it to shut up and do what’s best for your soul. And, as everyone who’s ever tried it knows, nothing is better for your soul than riding. Why do you even say that you ride a bike? You “soul a bike”. Yes, I now declare a new verb to have been created in honor of motorcycles everywhere. Fortsätt läsa One more on the list

Tuesday, schmuesday

11426358_10152984593580922_106362185133743744_nThe bad case of Mondays turned to a low-keyed Tuesday blues. Not only have I caught a cold, but I managed to do it on a warm, sunny day. No riding today in other words. No matter how much I wanted it, I couldn’t muster the strength to go to the garage to get the bike. Now before you say anything, bear in mind that I don’t keep my bikes in the close vicinity of my home for various reasons. I just couldn’t. Riding when your head and throat hurt and you feel a bit dizzy is not that pleasant anyways. Fortsätt läsa Tuesday, schmuesday

Urban dangers

IMG_1698As I’ve stated earlier, I can be somewhat of an inspired rider at times. Not too inspired due to my fear of high speeds and my lack of stunting ability (although I’ve promised myself to learn how to wheelie this season), but enough. Twisting a little bit extra on the throttle between street lights and so on. You know how it is. But I always keep in mind that all my fellow road-user are all a-holes and inapt at controlling their vehicles. That state of constant alert has saved me like a lot of times, like yesterday… Fortsätt läsa Urban dangers

Tormented souls

IMG_0248I am lucky enough to have a job which is fairly creative and at times even fun, but nowadays it feels like a prison for the soul. Tied to the god damn computer, looking out the window seeing sun and dreaming of being out on or off the road, going somewhere and nowhere at the same time, is pure agony. I mean, it’s not even daydreaming, it’s torture of the third degree. Fortsätt läsa Tormented souls

Days of thunder

19784_10152901547405922_6562901408833575357_nWhat a day! I am completely exhausted from all wrenching and riding. Not that I did any wrenching on my own bike. No, I helped a friend putting bicycle together and another friend with a grounding issue regarding the temperature sensor of his KTM 690. The first model (2008) have quite a few design flaws, but the combined forces of the Internet have fought to overcome them. As far as my own bike go, my speedometer is really hard to read at times, so either I open it up and try to fix it (note to self: remember the engine of the CBR…?!) or install for example a TrailTech or something similar. Time will tell. As for now, I just want to ride.  Fortsätt läsa Days of thunder

The fountain of youth

IMG_5381One of the many things I enjoy with riding, except for the obvious freedom it gives you, is the cloak of invisibility it gives you. Now this might sound like a paradox; after all you do what you can to have a radical bike with great sound and ride to be looked at but you really can’t be seen, and that is a pretty cool feeling. Inside that helmet, you can be whoever you want to be.  Fortsätt läsa The fountain of youth

Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

IMG_3120Motorcycle maintenance enemy number one is the sun. Who wants to work on his or her bike when the sun is out, casting its seductive light? Not me anyways. It’s been way too long since I last worked on the bike. Partly because of my great expectations of the incredible setup I would fabricate during the TIG-welding course, partly because of a survival strategy. You see, sometimes during more or less non-ridable periods of time, I enter a state where I cannot work on the bike because of all the emotions it triggers… Fortsätt läsa Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

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