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Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

11049601_10153079774960922_6565967703774242420_nAfter months of planning, failing to execute and planning again, we did it. We packed our gear and headed out into the unknown. And it was the kind of journey that fills the void in your soul caused by the mundane way of life for a mindless drone…  Fortsätt läsa Into the wild, Nite Ryderz edition

Wolfpack riding

IMG5217If riding two is fun, then riding three is even better. A beautiful, but cold, day is not to be wasted so it was time to go enduro riding in the urban jungle. The Nite Ryderz did some exploration today and went to some previously unridden roads in the city. Great fun and it is always nice to get to know your city a little bit better.  Fortsätt läsa Wolfpack riding


IMG_3275Riding is always an option, or rather THE option I should say, but there are those days when it seems like the ONLY option. Like today. I just want to get on my dirt bike, and head for the mountains of the Trans-America Trail. To get away from civilization for a while, to be constantly moving towards something (the Pacific in this case) and not be running from something. See the sun rise over the crests, slide my way through endless fields, sleep under the stars… A frontier man in a modern world, disconnected and alone with my own thoughts. Yeah, and the rest of the gang through the Scala Riders of course.  Fortsätt läsa Runaway