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One more on the list

11392967_10152986377220922_191101911469745713_nIt’s important to listen to your body. But sometimes you have to tell it to shut up and do what’s best for your soul. And, as everyone who’s ever tried it knows, nothing is better for your soul than riding. Why do you even say that you ride a bike? You “soul a bike”. Yes, I now declare a new verb to have been created in honor of motorcycles everywhere. Fortsätt läsa One more on the list

The price of happiness

IMG5522As with  many other passions, love included, being a motorcyclist will move the hole in your heart to your pocket and I guess it’s a matter of opinion which you prefer. In some regards, this is nothing more than a trap. You ride because it feels the void in your soul caused by the god damn never-ending rat race, but you can never escape the race either because you need the money for gear, parts, bikes and gas to keep that void away. Still, if I am to put money on something, I’d rather do it this way than any other way.  Fortsätt läsa The price of happiness

Celebration time

squarelogoThis is my hundredth post and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all. I can see that I have readers, and most likely fellow riders, all over the world and that makes me happy. Some of you drop in, read a couple of posts, never to be seen again while others are regular. No matter what, I am grateful for your time.  Fortsätt läsa Celebration time


IMG_3275Riding is always an option, or rather THE option I should say, but there are those days when it seems like the ONLY option. Like today. I just want to get on my dirt bike, and head for the mountains of the Trans-America Trail. To get away from civilization for a while, to be constantly moving towards something (the Pacific in this case) and not be running from something. See the sun rise over the crests, slide my way through endless fields, sleep under the stars… A frontier man in a modern world, disconnected and alone with my own thoughts. Yeah, and the rest of the gang through the Scala Riders of course.  Fortsätt läsa Runaway

Monday blues

IMG_2148Contrasts are great. They make things stick out, they put an edge to our lives by defining it against other things. Without contrasts life would be a pretty dull business. But if there is one contrast I really, really hate it’s the one going from a weekend of riding to sitting in front of my computer at work on a Monday morning. Nothing can put me down faster or awake that fight-or-flight-reaction as  living this ordinary life of nothingness.

Fortsätt läsa Monday blues