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What’s on the inside

gaugeOnce you start taking things apart it’s hard to break that habit. That’s why I took apart the instrument display of my KTM 690 Enduro today. It’s been flickering a bit and the visibility in sunlight is close to nothing sometimes, so I thought I would look inside since this model is known for having the legs of the display itself vibrating off. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I didn’t have that problem. What I found though was a lot of dirt and some white oxide like powder… Fortsätt läsa What’s on the inside

Adventure, here I come

Bikes“Hitting the canvas? Nah, that was nothing! I was back up before the the referee could count to two!” That’s how I feel today. My knee hurts, I apparently hit my shoulder worse than I thought ’cause I am a bit tender today, my hands hurt a bit too but somehow I am eager to get out there again. And there is no time like tomorrow because the mechanic finished up really quickly so I have to go back to the scene of the crime, get the bike and ride the 50 km back tomorrow. In rain, according to the weather wizards.  Fortsätt läsa Adventure, here I come


IMG5564Sometimes I manage to impress myself with my own stupidity. Like how I for example must have forgotten to turn off the heated grips after the last run. That almost ruined yesterday’s run. The battery was completely empty which at first scared me because the complete silence of a bike can mean a lot of things, but having figured out where the problem originated I was relieved. A dead battery is just a dead battery, right? Fortsätt läsa Discharged

Wheel of time

11051865_10152816694605922_9104708518792090490_nTaking a bike apart and putting it back together is not only a  valuable learning experience regarding the mechanics of motorcycles but also a humbling lesson in patience. Like when you have to do things over and over again because you did not think things through the first time. Getting an unbroken chain back on is one of those things…  Fortsätt läsa Wheel of time

Be cool

Clutch basketWhen wrestling with the big questions in life (“where do I see myself in ten years?”, “To pursue one’s dreams or go for the career” and “How the hell could I raise enough money to buy a KTM 690 Enduro R?”, there is nothing like a bit of wrenching to clear your mind. I believe it is the combination of problem solving, working with your hands and all those chemicals entering your bloodstream, but whatever it is, it works.  Fortsätt läsa Be cool

Digging into the engine

IMG4835Working on an engine is delicate work. You have to carefully follow the instructions or things can go straight to hell from there. Naturally, I failed to read the instructions properly when it came to removing the caps covering the valves. Apparently there is a certain order to do this and I did pretty much the opposite. It worked anyways.  Fortsätt läsa Digging into the engine