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Man with a mission

11822812_10153100439530922_3720793910308310134_nNobody wants to quit a race the last hundred yards, especially not me. Yesterday I didn’t get much done in the man cave due to some unexpected turn of events (the Nite Ryderz wanted to go for a cup of coffee instead), so today my goal was clear: To finish the Honda. Did I succeed in that mission? Well, both yes and no… Fortsätt läsa Man with a mission

Easter wrenching

IMG_5331While others were celebrating Easter in whatever way, I managed to log another fifteen hours on the bike. Pretty damn good if I may say so myself. Of course a couple of those hours could have been spared, had the powder coaters been better at masking holes and if I had decided not to paint anything but hey, everything is zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, right? Fortsätt läsa Easter wrenching


FrameA couple of more hours in the garage. I got some really nice bar mounts I bought on eBay and they turned out to be perfect for mounting my Acewell speedometer. I also managed to remove the wire harness from the frame, the tail section and some other junk. It’s more or less naked from now on, and I am pushing my imagination to the limit in coming up with a new, cool but functional tail section without having to cut it. Swedish regulations are pretty harsh on those matters… Fortsätt läsa Framework

Acewell 2853

IMG4605A project bike will almost always be a work in progress. At least if that project is my first bike, my beloved streetfighter. One of the few things I’m not too happy about is the cheap eBay-speedo I got mounted. It came without mounts and although it works, it doesn’t really present the truth when it comes to speed and with no possibility of adjusting the settings I had to do something. So I just got the latest addition in the mail: an Acewell 2853 speedo/tachometer with integrated LEDs. Fortsätt läsa Acewell 2853