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No rest for the wicked

Why can't everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?
Why can’t everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?

With the CBR in decent shape, I’ll keep her on hold for a while and attack my second project: The KTM 690 Enduro -08. As you might remember, she’s been running poorly with flashing error codes indicating either a manifold pressure problem, a throttle position sensor problem or lambda sensor problem. I however suspect it’s the wire harness that keeps bugging me…

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God in the machine

IMG_2452There must have been magic involved when God created motorcycles. Who could have known that a fully rounded lip would stabilize the airflow into the carbs? Or calculated the perfect timing of the ignition to get that wonderful Harley sound? Or thought of the idea with friction plates for gear shifting? Nah, that’s most definitely supernatural in its origin. But still, humans can learn a lot and I sure have learned tremendous amounts about not the philosophical aspects of being human in regard to my surroundings but also about motorcycle technology, technology in general in fact, the last couple of years. Fortsätt läsa God in the machine