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The art of gearing up

SleepingBagThere is nothing quite like the feeling of getting that message that you have a package to pick up. Even better when there are two packages. It feels a bit like Christmas, except you’re Santa and you know what great presents you are going to get. Nine out of ten times, my gifts are from myself and have to do with motorcycle. No exception today… Fortsätt läsa The art of gearing up

Toolbox titan

ToolNo matter how many tools I buy, there always seems to be room for one more in the toolbox. Meet my latest investment: a tool for measuring TDC (Top Dead Center) among other things. As usual I got it cheap off eBay but unlike some other stuff, this tool was actually made, or at least sold in Europe. Not that it matters really, most of my tools have been good value for money which means they have been dirt cheap but done their job at least half-decent… Fortsätt läsa Toolbox titan

Sealing the deal

IMG5176I did it! After having hesitated for a while, I decided not to give a fuck and go for it so I did. I put on the sealant, albeit far too much. Given that it is my first time, I do hope I did a solid enough work. I only put it where it is supposed to be according to the manual and I even tightened all the bolts according to spec. There is a first for everything… Fortsätt läsa Sealing the deal