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Cut, chop and grind away

DremelIt finally came. Having ordered the machine a month ago, I had almost lost hope but today it came and I have no more excuses as to why I can’t finish the seat. With this Dremel 3000 I hope to be able to cut out the sheet metal base plate for the skateboard seat. I do believe the wood would have been strong enough but when riding down the road in 80 miles per hour, who wants to take chances…? Fortsätt läsa Cut, chop and grind away

Tools and the trade

11351207_10152973568345922_5911312286321183312_nThe title isn’t me misunderstanding the expression but rather a summary  of a pretty weird day. On a whim, I decided that I might get into the motorcycle gear designing business. Working with something motorcycle related has long been my dream, and I have even had a few opportunities but the circumstances hasn’t really been right. I would like to run my own business, doing stuff the way I want while at the same time contributing to the community would be awesome. Today I scrambled up some courage and went for it…  Fortsätt läsa Tools and the trade

Time for progression

IMG5117The last few days I’ve made some progression. All the pistons are cleaned and back in their respective place in the cylinders. It wasn’t easy getting them back, not at all. Getting the piston ring compressor to line up perfectly to get an even pressure enough to let it slide back in is tricky but fortunately I got better at it after the first two. Anyways, they now look almost as good as new. Fortsätt läsa Time for progression

Let the wrenching commence

partsThe urge to buy a new bike (new to me that is) has become almost irresistible. Or rather, the urge to go on an epic journey has returned with a vengeance. To accomplish that I need something that can travel on and off the beaten track. Like a KTM 690 Enduro for example. But when life holds you back, it’s time to go into wrenching mode. With the parts I got today I am ready to make some progress.  Fortsätt läsa Let the wrenching commence

More tools of the trade

1459302_10152493553165922_3507716442562761505_nEverytime I step into a tool shop of any kind, I get this urge to buy everything in sight. I mean, there is a purpose to every tool and you never know when you will be needing it. Today I constrained myself and bought the bare necessities I need to fabricate the instrument panel/mount/fairing that I’ve been planning to put together next week. After that I will spend long hours with soldering cables…

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Supply and demand

leversOne of the problems an aspiring bike builder will face here in Sweden is supply and demand. Among the community, the skill level seem to be fairly high, in many cases far beyond my own skills, which means that the market for customized bikes is saturated. People simply build their own bikes rather than letting someone else do it. And that’s cool. Unfortunately the supply of good donor bikes is scarce. Sweden is a small country and older bikes with few miles in decent shape can be tricky to find, at least if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Fortsätt läsa Supply and demand

Tools of the trade

IMG4583Who would have known that I one day would own not only a bright red toolbox but that it also would be full of wrenches, pliers, cutters and sockets? Not my family anyways. Growing up I was never interested in getting my hands dirty but technology to me was electronics; chips and wires and soldering. Having grease up to your elbows and using full body force to crack open bolts rusted stuck wasn’t exactly in my plan. I actually became some kind of high school engineer although that was more a twist of fate than anything else, and worked for a few years as some kind of test engineer on train signal systems.  Fortsätt läsa Tools of the trade