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One more on the list

11392967_10152986377220922_191101911469745713_nIt’s important to listen to your body. But sometimes you have to tell it to shut up and do what’s best for your soul. And, as everyone who’s ever tried it knows, nothing is better for your soul than riding. Why do you even say that you ride a bike? You “soul a bike”. Yes, I now declare a new verb to have been created in honor of motorcycles everywhere. Fortsätt läsa One more on the list

Illusions and dreams

551336_10151406865775922_941367290_nIs the inherent awesomeness of motorcycles enough to sell them? Sometimes I feel that the big brands believe that is the case. And it might be, I don’t know, but I do feel that most of the advertising about bikes, gear and even riding is made by custom shops, retailers and aficionados like myself. It might be Sweden being a small market, but I hardly ever see any cool ads on tv, online or even in print. In motorcycle press and on the websites you’ll find it but other than that, there is a void to be filled… Fortsätt läsa Illusions and dreams

Give and you shall receive

BonnevilleWrenching is usually something I do to my bikes (yes, that wording is correct), partly because of my inexperience which means I cannot guarantee a job well done. But today I got the chance of doing something for someone else and it was a great feeling to see another person, albeit a friend, ride off with a smile on his face and a working bike. Fortsätt läsa Give and you shall receive