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Carb therapy

carbFor various reasons, mostly concerning work, career, future and introspection regarding these things, I had to go wrenching on the Honda today. Of course I want it to be finished before the summer ends but at the moment, with a functioning KTM 690 Enduro, wrenching on the CBR fulfills severals needs and sometimes its therapeutic value exceeds the riding value. When wrenching I can enter a stage of being in the moment, hence no worries about where I’m heading in life… Fortsätt läsa Carb therapy

Steady as she goes

IMG_5620From having lived and breathed wrenching to no avail during the winter, I’ve decided to approach it somewhat differently: shorter but more productive sessions. The last evenings have been like that. Short enough to be focused all the way, and still giving me time to do that other stuff some people call life. Today I adjusted the timing, at least I think I did… Fortsätt läsa Steady as she goes

Bad timing

IMG_5599Trying to figure out what’s wrong with a motorcycle is a humbling experience, and there is only one way to beat the system: By following instructions in a methodical manner without any subjective thoughts or preconceived beliefs of right and wrong. Once again I fell from glory because once again I took something for granted. It was my own confidence that brought me down. I now know what the problem with the CBR 600 is: it’s me! Let me explain… Fortsätt läsa Bad timing

Another gear

IMG5197I really have to pick up the pace although I am currently spending at least an hour and half every night doing what needs to be done. The clutch is mounted, so is the the alternator. What’s lacking though is the oil cooler (waiting on two collars before I can mount it) and the starter motor with the starting clutch (waiting for the gear shaft). So today I began working on the cylinder head… Fortsätt läsa Another gear

Carbon deposits

IMG5037No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, it seems like there is always going to be that one bolt standing between me and doing some really work. I am still struggling with the flywheel bolt to remove the alternator. Breaker bars, impact drivers, WD40… I cannot seem to find the Achilles heel of the bolt. Soon I will fall back on the one thing that worked before: Grinding the damn thing off.

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