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How to make a custom seat – preparations, part 1

IMG6047I suck when it comes to write ups, but I will try to do my best during this process of making a custom seat. Hopefully I can help someone not to make all the mistakes I am about to make. Bear in mind, I have never tried this before and my skills with wood, metal and fabric are about as lame as they come. I will try to compensate that with a lot of cursing, ingenuity, googling and improvising. First part: getting the right material! Fortsätt läsa How to make a custom seat – preparations, part 1

Bikes on my mind

IMG_0248Aaand I’m back. Back in that phase where the thoughts of motorcycles are present all the time, more specifically street bikes and even more specifically street bikes I would like to build. I guess my offroad phase has passed for a while. Now I want that incredible feeling of how easy riding should be. For some reason, putting all the gear on and mounting the really high KTM feels like such a process compared to how easy it is just to mount a street bike and take off. The last days of wrenching has also put me in my tinkering mode, where I want to build everything from custom mounts for electrical stuff I don’t even need, to turn signals.  Fortsätt läsa Bikes on my mind

Be careful what you wish for…

IMG3790Sore throat, a mist not only building up huge amounts of damp air but causing accidents as well and still only the occasional minutes of sun… It’s easy to become depressed but yesterday I got a motorcycle related call that really got my juices flowing. It might be nothing or it might be life changing, I don’t know yet and I’m not going to speculate. What I am going to write about is how hard it is to get a hold of place to do a little welding… Fortsätt läsa Be careful what you wish for…

Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

IMG_3120Motorcycle maintenance enemy number one is the sun. Who wants to work on his or her bike when the sun is out, casting its seductive light? Not me anyways. It’s been way too long since I last worked on the bike. Partly because of my great expectations of the incredible setup I would fabricate during the TIG-welding course, partly because of a survival strategy. You see, sometimes during more or less non-ridable periods of time, I enter a state where I cannot work on the bike because of all the emotions it triggers… Fortsätt läsa Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Magic and unicorns

10371477_10152142026705922_806512523969500147_nTo the untrained eye, and even to the more educated, motorcycles and all that comes with it might seem like magic. How does it really work? You twist your wrist, the engine roars, you let out the clutch and off you go. It’s both simple and complex at the same time. I often use the expression “deus ex machina” which translates to “god from the machine”. In its real sense it’s used to describe a plot twist in which the author, “god”, suddenly puts an event, object or person in the story to bring out a solution. I use it somewhat differently as I like to think of motorcycles as a spiritual experience. “God” in this case refers to the feelings that comes with riding a motorbike.

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TIG-welding, the humility is over

10425145_10152508324225922_5985860034788281842_nDay two of the welding course and today I rocked. I did some decent welds in stainless steel  (not as easy as you might believe) and I actually managed to put tubes together in a rather fashionable way. So the welds weren’t perfect but to be a first attempt, I am quite satisfied. The tubes were 1,5 mm thick so getting the weld through properly without burning holes in it was pretty hard. It took a while and a couple of adjustments before I got it. After that, everything was a breeze.  Fortsätt läsa TIG-welding, the humility is over

Tools of the trade

IMG4583Who would have known that I one day would own not only a bright red toolbox but that it also would be full of wrenches, pliers, cutters and sockets? Not my family anyways. Growing up I was never interested in getting my hands dirty but technology to me was electronics; chips and wires and soldering. Having grease up to your elbows and using full body force to crack open bolts rusted stuck wasn’t exactly in my plan. I actually became some kind of high school engineer although that was more a twist of fate than anything else, and worked for a few years as some kind of test engineer on train signal systems.  Fortsätt läsa Tools of the trade

Forced creation

IMG_0596As a journalist and copywriter I know that a little bit of stress can be good for creativity. Without a deadline it’s easy to get stuck in that limbo where you don’t move in any direction but just sit there being absurdly creative without any incentive to actually deliver. A deadline kind of forces you down that narrow road of time constraints, creativity and demands which ultimately leads to your goal.

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