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Urban dangers

IMG_1698As I’ve stated earlier, I can be somewhat of an inspired rider at times. Not too inspired due to my fear of high speeds and my lack of stunting ability (although I’ve promised myself to learn how to wheelie this season), but enough. Twisting a little bit extra on the throttle between street lights and so on. You know how it is. But I always keep in mind that all my fellow road-user are all a-holes and inapt at controlling their vehicles. That state of constant alert has saved me like a lot of times, like yesterday… Fortsätt läsa Urban dangers

Another gear

IMG5197I really have to pick up the pace although I am currently spending at least an hour and half every night doing what needs to be done. The clutch is mounted, so is the the alternator. What’s lacking though is the oil cooler (waiting on two collars before I can mount it) and the starter motor with the starting clutch (waiting for the gear shaft). So today I began working on the cylinder head… Fortsätt läsa Another gear

The choices we make

IMG4717The last couple of days I haven’t written anything because my mind has been wrestling the big issues of life. There might be a chance to get into the motorcycle industry, my passion, but there are drawbacks and practical issues that must be resolved and I am desperately trying to do just that. On the other hand, I’ve made some commitments that I don’t like break either. On top of that, there is family to consider too. This, in reality a positive situation, is weighing heavy on my shoulders right now. So I had to go for a ride yesterday… Fortsätt läsa The choices we make