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November riding in 2013…

No updates for quite some time, I know. Things are slow over here and with slow I’m referring to the fact that autumn has come. Sure, there are the occasional day when you could have ridden the bike to work but you never really know. The roads are slippery when temperature drops and the leaves don’t exactly help. But this doesn’t mean that the season is over, you just have to prepare properly… Fortsätt läsa Hibernating

Highsider headlight

IMG4823Being impatient, I immediately went out to get my headlight, a Highsider British Style 7 inch matte black from Bikermart. I was not disappointed. With the bike being in pieces, I haven’t seen it on nor do I have had the time to test the function but it sure looks good. Unlike the previous headlight I used, a China version for half the price and specified for half the wattage, I know this will be a great improved. Fortsätt läsa Highsider headlight

Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

IMG_3120Motorcycle maintenance enemy number one is the sun. Who wants to work on his or her bike when the sun is out, casting its seductive light? Not me anyways. It’s been way too long since I last worked on the bike. Partly because of my great expectations of the incredible setup I would fabricate during the TIG-welding course, partly because of a survival strategy. You see, sometimes during more or less non-ridable periods of time, I enter a state where I cannot work on the bike because of all the emotions it triggers… Fortsätt läsa Sun and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Winter ride

10805749_10152495645410922_8316928431079756645_nThere is nothing like a ride to brighten a dull day. Granted, the circumstances could have been better. The last few days have been pretty cold although the temperature did rise a bit today, but the sun kept to itself behind the clouds and the tarmac gleamed with moist and grime and other stuff that makes riding a slippery and dangerous game. Then again, beggars can’t be choosers and every ride is better than no ride, right? Fortsätt läsa Winter ride

Motorcycle blues

IMG4631Today it started snowing in the city. It wasn’t like the really heavy stuff that stays on the ground forever but rather the wet kind that forms a thin white blanket of wetness that disappears when you walk on it but not before it has send your shoe slipping in an unintended direction. I don’t even dare to think what it would do to motorcycle tires. But it has to go away because on Saturday I’ve made plans to go riding with my club Nite Ryderz.

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IMG_1926I wish I could tell everyone that being passionate about motorbikes is all positive. In fact, I do tell everyone that. Unfortunately that’s a lie. Not counting being the money pits they are, at least my bikes, being a motorcyclist comes with a huge drawback. Like they say in physics, “for every action there is a reaction”. Imagine the feeling of pure, uninhibited happiness you feel on the road. Or off it for that matter. If that is the action, what is then the reaction? Yup, you’ve got it. It’s feeling unhappy when you’re not riding. Fortsätt läsa Addicted

Legends of the fall

IMG_0578Confession time: I am not really a bad weather rider. I mean, I do ride occasionally in the rain but mostly short distances and not if I can avoid it. Partly because I’m not entirely sure that my motorcycle can take it due to some of the more unfinished modifications I’ve done to the electrical system, but mostly because I want riding to be a pleasurable experience and frankly, riding in cold rain isn’t really that much fun. So how do I cope with this when living in a country where the official season lasts about four months? Easy. Enduro-riding. Fortsätt läsa Legends of the fall